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She appeared on here once and now she's back again. The masked MILF who loves dick is back and yes she gives a great performance on Mack Steele.  She sucked it till the last drop.  Now she's gone in the wind, anyone that knows her tell her contact me, we nee her back.
Blu was special when she was in the game, not sure if she still is but here's the last BJ she shot for me over a year ago.  She was looking sexy with BBC in her mouth and took a nice cum shot to the face and even tasted the cum.  Great job for sure, maybe she will be back one day, who knows
I know the special ones when I see them and  19 yr old Krystal Valentine is definitely an exception. She got that passion for everything she does and when it comes to dome she takes it very serious. Mack got the chance to experience the pleasures of her mouth and throat. Hope she stays around for a bit, we need more of her.
Now Lady Phoenix just came out the woodwork and she's a fan favorite already.  She got a nice throat on her and knows how to get nasty with it. Mack Stelle had her choking on grade A dick,  but she took it good and went out like a trooper and sucked him to completion..Great fuckin scene,
Miss Danger is mysterious, she comes and goes as she pleases but when she's around she know what to do. She's one of those dick masters who takes her time with the dick and gives you full pleasure.  She did a great job with this 40 minute blowjob with MAck Steele. Not one to be missed..She's the full package.